ZTE M6000-3S Multi-service edge Router ZXR10 M6000-S with NAT and BRAS

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Description: multi service router
Product: M6000-S
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ZTE M6000-3S Multi-service edge Router ZXR10 M6000-S with NAT and BRAS

ZXR10 M6000-S series carrier-class router is ZTE’s large-capacity and high-performance full-service router that is dedicated to 5G, big video/VR/AR, Internet of things and cloud computing era. It is the best choice to build national backbone network, MAN, Cloud Data Center, government & enterprise network, longitudinal network. ZXR10 M6000-S series products provide solutions of intelligent and opened SDN networks for operators and enterprise.

ZXR10 M6000 supports integrated services of business customer and public customer to get accessed on the same platform. Also, it implements SR and BRAS services at the same time, which accordingly saves equipment room and reduces user’s investment. ZXR10 M6000 greatly decreases operator’s network construction costs, realizes fast service deployment and network reconfiguration.

With creative system architecture, ZXR10 M6000 supports seamless upgrade service from 100G to next generation 400G; it is capable of large traffic management and hard QoS support, integrating multi-service capabilities, enabling a number of users to implement fast access. It fully supports MPLS, MPLS VPN and integrated IPv4/v6 dual protocol stacks.

ZXR10 M6000-S series have following models: ZXR10 M6000-18S, ZXR10 M6000-8S Plus, ZXR10 M6000-8S, ZXR10 M6000-5S, ZXR10 M6000-3S Plus, ZXR10 M6000-3S.
Key Features:
* L2: MAC management, VLAN, QinQ, SuperVLAN, SmartGroup, ATM and PPP
* L3: IPv4 unicast, IPv4 multicast, IPv6 unicast and IPv6 multicast
* MPLS and TE: MPLS L2/L3 VPN, 6vPE, MPLS-TE and DS-TE
* QoS: classification, labeling, traffic supervision, congestion control, queue dispatch, shaping, QPPB and H-QoS
* BRAS: IPoEv4/v6, PPPoEv4/v6, IP Host, L2TP, AAA and multi-machine hot standby
* Reliability: Graceful Restart (GR), FRR, link bundling, TE HotStandby, static TE tunnel protection group, BFD and NSR
* Tunnel: MPLS and GRE
* Clock synchronization: SyncE, IEEE 1588 V2, GPS and BITS
* Security: attack prevention and CPU security protection
* CGN: NAT444, DS-LITE, NAT64, 6RD, IVI, SMART6, NAT LOG, NAT ALG, CGN hot standby
* OAM software: CLI, GUI (NetNumen U31), MPLS VPN NMS, QoS NSM and TE NMS
* OAM: Ethernet OAM, MPLS OAM and SLA Tool (SQA)
* M6000-8S PLUS– With vertical slots, ZXR10 M6000-8S is designed with 12 slots including 8 service line card slots, 2 SRU (switch router unit) and 2 SFU (switch fabric unit)

* M6000-5S – With horizontal slots, ZXR10 M6000-5S is designed with7 slots including 5 service line cards and 2 SRU (switch router unit).
* M6000-3S – With horizontal slots, ZXR10 M6000-3S is designed with 5 slots including 3 service line cards and 2 MPU.
* M6000-2S4 – With horizontal slots, ZXR10 M6000-2S4 is designed with 6 slots including 2 service line card slots, 2 MPU (Main Processor unit) and 2 interface card slots.
* M6000-2S10 – With horizontal slots, ZXR10 M6000-2S10 is designed with 12 slots including 2 service line card slots, 2 MPU (Main Processor unit) and 8 interface card slots.

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